About us
Grupo Blanco, Customs Enterprise Group.

With 42 years experience of professional service in logistics and foreign trade to leading global companies, we have developed an important support infrastructure, which responds to a sensitive network of operational systems, generating substantial financial savings and minimizing document contingencies.

We channel your supply and operations programs through the most advanced technology, which allows you to focus your financial resources on production, and your human resources on sales.

The group of forwarding agents Lorenzo Blanco and Laura Elena Blanco, base their customer service philosophy on innovation, honesty, professionalism and creativity, combined with the best alternatives on foreign trade, this guarantees the fiscal process within the tax audit framework.

Our organization is flexible to change and is directly focused on the need and expectactions of our customers, in an environment of continuous improvement, with planning, procedures, legislation, strategy and excellence.

Our infinite gratitude to our customers who helped us to concieve the effort and satisfactions of the past decades, recognizing the permanent transformation of both forwarding agent and customer, as well as the dedication for building parallel and shared developments.

Don Lorenzo Blanco Enriquez

We have learned to grow together and based on these experiences, we will continue to expand our mission through horizons and frontiers, beyond the limits of land and sea, accepting the daily challenge of serving with professionalism, honesty, respsect and inexhaustible imagination, because:

¨In foreign trade we are axperts¨


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